How do I kiss a lady?

The perfect kiss

Let me assure you that the “perfect kiss” doesn’t exist. At least, there is no guarantee the kiss will go perfectly. However, a good start makes the rest easier, so I will give you some tips and tricks on how to perfectly prepare yourself.

Before your lips are puckered! Let me start with the exterior (based on the fact that you’re a man who’s reading this). Take care of yourself, shave yourself or trim your beard. Women are soft and smooth and your stubble can ruin the kissing game. That’s not what you want. Also, use a bit of aftershave or a facial crème. This makes the skin nice and soft and you’ll smell lovely.

Also make sure your lips are well-taken care of. Soft lips are much nicer than dry lips. Put some lip balm on your lips beforehand, but don’t make them too greasy. One hour before works just fine.

Speaking of smelling nice, a fresh breath is also important! There would probably be some nice conversation before you two will start kissing together. Your breath will definitely make its way to the nostrils of your potential kissing partner. Trust me, it’s better that your breath smells like fresh mint rather than garlic or curry. Research from Men’s Health showed that a fresh breath and a smell-free kiss leave a good impression with your kissing partner.

So, brush your teeth and make sure your floss properly as well. There is a reason your dentist insists on it. What most people don’t realise is that bad breath is often caused by the germs on your tongue and between your teeth. Therefore, follow up on the advice of your dentist.

Okay… and after that? You’ve taken care of yourself and you’re ready for action. Now it’s important to create the right atmosphere with the right lady, is she the playful type or more romantic? Do some reading about how to make an intimate connection. Adjust the environment accordingly. Put on some nice music, dim the lights, and light some candles! Have two glasses and some champagne ready.

Now it’s time for action. Both of you are sipping a nice drink, the conversation flows, and you’re coming closer together. You look into her eyes and you subtly bring your face closer to hers. Subtly grab her face with your hands, let your thumb softly touch her temple and your fingers slide under her ears down to her neck. Slightly tilt your head, she will do the same (otherwise you do it subtly with your hands), and then your lips will touch each other. There is an instant warmth and sensuality. Don’t attack with your tongue immediately. You’re already very close, your turn will come. But take your time!

Let your lips get used to each other and don’t use your tongue right away. Let your lips glide and kiss the lower lip or upper lip. Make it a loving game and build it up to a lovely “French Kiss”.

Now slowly use your tongue and glide a little bit with your tongue between the lips of the other. This will quickly be answered with the touch of her tongue. Then pull your tongue a bit back and keep kissing with your lips. After that you bring your tongue with conviction inside her and let yourself be carried away in the game. Don’t swirl your lips like a washing machine, but do some variations. Play with the lips for a bit, and use your tongue from time to time, but mainly take your time.

Oh, small detail… Don’t forget to keep breathing!

And whether your kissing game lasts for five minutes, half an hour or three days, the most important thing is building up the game!


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