Swingers club & other erotic parties

All our ladies are specialized in keeping company at chic or special occasions. They are social, elegant, charming, and know how to get involved in important conversations. Invite one or more ladies for the perfect entertainment during an organized party, a visit to a club or just exploring a beautiful city together.

From 1100,-

Swing, dance, play, fantasize, drink, and enjoy a night out with one of our high-class escort ladies in an exciting and erotic setting. During these nights you can discover all of your fantasies and sexual desires in a safe and erotic environment. On these locations you will mostly find different sorts of rooms and decors in order to lose yourself in the moment. These parties are open to male-female couples and single ladies, but not for single gentlemen. We can imagine you don’t have the right partner for these events and that is why we will gladly advice you to find the right lady for a perfect night. Of course, our ladies only go to exclusive couples and swingers clubs, and luxurious erotic parties. For these bookings we apply a minimum booking of 3 hours. Of course, it is possible to experience this amazing evening with more than one lady, the more the merrier.

Practical information

Transport & Arrival

The high-class escort lady will always come to you. Give us the meeting location and we make sure the lady will arrive there on time. This location could be your hotel room or a near bar, where you get to know each other better first, before immerging yourselves in erotic atmospheres. Transportation from and to the club is to be arranged by you. When arriving together at the club, you pay entrance for both. If the tickets have to be booked beforehand, Pink Sheets can advise you with this. The cost of the tickets should be paid at least 24 hours before. Always bring with you a valid identification. This can be requested sometimes.

During the evening

It could happen that you meet someone with whom you want to have a threesome. Also, it may be that the opportunity presents itself for a potential group sex. Important is that you both agree on this and enjoy it. We charge extra for additional sexual acts. The price for this is €300, – per person with whom sexual contact takes place. For example: a threesome costs €300, – extra, because an extra person participates. A quartet will cost €600, – extra, because two people are participating. Our ladies are always prepared to perfection. They always carry the necessities with them. You can think of, condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and the like. If you have something special in mind, you can take that of course with you. Do you like to experiment with sex toys? Please keep in mind that whenever you like to bring those, the toys have to be new and in their packaging for them to be used with our high-class escort lady.

The end of the evening

We make sure our lady arrives on time and discretely on the agreed location. Our lady will arrive and leave in a discrete manner. She will always wear stylish clothing. Also, she will always wear exclusive lingerie, a little black dress with stay-ups, and high heels covered with a tidy cloak, unless you wish otherwise. The lady will bring suitable clothing if there is a theme party. Pink Sheets always provides transportation for our ladies. Also, we provide for her transportation back after the booking has ended. When the evening is coming to its end (the last quarter), Pink Sheets will call the lady telling her the booking has almost come to an end. In case you would like to enjoy some more time with her (and the club), you can extend your booking. Let the lady know how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Pink Sheets. Though, the payment for the extension should be completed directly. If you do not wish to extend the booking, the lady will calmly make herself ready and you will leave the club together. You will bring her to the location where you met and there say goodbye to each other.

Do you have questions regarding the rates or payment options?