Positive effect of matchmaking

A perfect match is essential for a successful evening with one of our high-class escorts. We find it important for you to be comfortable and that your experience will meet your expectations. A sincere connection between you two will ensure a relaxed atmosphere, good conversations, in-depth talks, a better connection regarding intimacy, and creating the tension between you two. Matchmaking is about customization. We take care of every date and it’s customized with precision.

Sharing information

You can also help us find the right match. We would like to receive more information about you, so that we can match you with one or more ladies. Think about information regarding characteristics, interests, work, (erotic) preferences, clothing wishes, fantasies, preferred appearances, expectations but also dislikes are welcome. We offer several options to help you finding the perfect match. Below this page you will find more about it.

Appearance and looks 

Interior and exterior make the perfect formula for the attraction between you and the lady to be powerful. Character, style, and looks are the basis. All ladies are unique in their own way and possess inner and outer characteristics and qualities. In this way, we can offer a diverse group of high-class escort ladies. Making the perfect match based on looks is the easiest part of our job. The magic only happens when the character of the lady matches yours. We will look at the relation between both your desires, passions, interests, and dreams.

Long term relationships 

Pink Sheets represents a selective group of ladies so that we can give our personal care and know them extremely well. Only in this way we can arrange the perfect match. We find it important that both you and the lady have a genuine good time during the date. If the date is experienced pleasantly by the lady as well as you, then we can maintain the quality of our services. We like to work with ladies that invest just as us in a long-term relationship. If they feel comfortable with Pink Sheets, they will work longer for us and you will be able to create a relationship with her.

It can be difficult at times to pick the right lady yourself. Therefore, we offer as much help as needed to find your perfect match. We can do this based on a couple of options.

Matchmaking options

Quick match

You may view the profiles of the ladies and pick the lady you believe fits you best. The ladies wrote a piece about themselves and the agency speaks to their personality in a short description. The filters on the website are an extra guideline. You can select what kind of lady you’re looking for. Keep in mind that the filters are limited to appearance, sexual orientation, and the services the lady provides. With the use of these filters, you see what profiles match with your wishes. If you want to know if her personality, interests, wishes, and desires match with you, use the above option ‘Customized match’.

Customized match

Please contact us to plan for a personal consultation. During this virtual meeting with Amy (owner of Pink Sheets), she will go through a questionnaire that speaks to your wishes and preferences in picking the right lady. She can also advise you in choosing the type of booking, the duration, and the location. Contact us through our e-mail, WhatsApp or call us.

Switch roles

It’s also possible to reverse the rolls. If you give us a detailed description of yourself, we can offer this to our ladies and they will let us know if they will be a match for you. In doing this, we would like to receive one of the following information:

Your best and least characteristics, the type of conversation partner you are, your wishes, interests, background, education, (erotic) preferences, clothing and lingerie wishes, fantasies, preferred appearance, expectation of the experience, and likes and dislikes. Only with a complete description we will be able to find the right match(es) for you. If the information is incomplete, we will ask some additional questions to complete it. The information you share with us will not be directly send to our ladies, we will anonymize the information as part of our privacy standards.

Perfect match experience

Do you know your dream date already, but you don’t know with whom yet? In this case, we offer the ‘Perfect match experience’. Do you like to go to a spa, have luxurious dinner or visit a swinger’s club/erotic party? We have the right lady for every occasion. Let us know your thoughts and we will look together for the perfect match(es).

You can also use this service if you’re looking for:

Do you have other preferences or wishes? Let us know!

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