This is Pink Sheets

Welkom at Pink Sheets! Established in 2020 with a clear goal in mind: honesty, transparency, and safety to both our clients and high-class escort ladies. Pink Sheets is an initiative of an experienced high-class escort. Through her research behind the scenes, we have noted that not everything seems as it appears, few high-class escort agencies treat the ladies with a high-level. Pink Sheets does this different: trust, equality, and honesty are the key words for a loving and successful partnership with only the best ladies that undoubtfully are the showcase of Pink Sheets.

Why Pink Sheets?

After long and thorough research within the world of high-class escorts, we concluded that there are still too many problems that don’t belong in the highest sector of this line of work. Pink Sheets has tried to filter these elements and replace them so that not only our clients are guaranteed with the best service, but also that the ladies will always feel safe and comfortable.

The services of Pink Sheets are not reserved for everybody. This is also not our ambition. It is our ambition however, to treat a select group of ladies, gentlemen, and couples with pleasurable, stylish, and sexy company. Pink Sheets is there to make your wildest fantasies come true. The ladies of Pink Sheets look forward to meet you and accompany you.

This is Amy

‘I have worked a couple of years as a high-class escort. Practice makes perfect. I know already without too much words what our clients expect for their perfect date. At the same time, I also know what a high-class escort needs to be successful in her line of work. This combination makes me unique and is one of the keys to Pink Sheets’ success.’ Have you become interested? Ask Amy.

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It’s not a word, it’s a value

In order for us to excel, we maintain our core values. Loyalty, transparency, and professionalism are at the core of our business. Pink Sheets understands the importance of mutual trust in this line of work.

Trust begins and grows with the right communication. Of course, Pink Sheets takes care of your information with great discretion and we will always try to turn your desires into an unforgettable experience. An intimate meeting with one of our ladies can be an unforgettable experience for both, if Pink Sheets has done its work well.

So you can always expect professionalism with a personal touch. Also, rest assured about finding the right match. We will do our best to find the right match and we will always keep follow through on our agreements.

‘Always irresistible and discrete: Pink Sheets’.


Pink Sheets upholds personal contact with both you and our ladies. We know our ladies inside out, because we invest in long term relationships. Only in this manner, we can create the perfect match for you. Make your dreams come true and realize your fantasies!

We would like to welcome you again to our website and thank you kindly for you interest you have shown in our business. We hope for a pleasant encounter, so that we can realise unforgettable memories. Please ask all your questions regarding our ladies or our business.

With love,