Safe Sex

Safe sex policy

At Pink Sheets we have a safe sex policy. This means that all of our ladies who we represent are trained to practice safe sex. The safe sex policy entails oral, vaginal, and anal sex should be done with the use of condom. At all times they carry different size condoms with them. It is important to let us know before the booking about any special wishes. Think of a latex allergy or a specific preference regarding the condom such as, ribbed, flavours or sizes.

Oral sex

We can be very brief about any requests regarding oral sex without condom: these will be answered always with a ‘no’. Not even if you have taken a STD test recently. Oral sex to the lady can be given without a dental dam. This is based on the health risks of the GGD (Municipal Health Services). In case you would like to use a dental dam, that is possible since the ladies always carry that also with them.

STD test

All the ladies test themselves regularly at the GGD. However, we are not allowed to provide information regarding the test results. This is confidential information and in violation with privacy laws. If you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] We are happy to help you.