Companionship Only

Enjoy the best company

The best company by your side

From 700,- (min 3 hours)

Pink Sheets is a high-class escort agency, but our ladies are not just booked for sexual contact. The ladies represented by Pink Sheets are elegant, beautiful, intelligent, and adventurous. They are the perfect company! Usually there is no intimate contact with a Companionship Only service. But of course, the possibilities for that are there. Interested in the ladies available for Companionship Only? All ladies provide this service. 

Why choose Companionship Only?

There are many reasons you should choose Companionship Only. Isn’t it much more fun doing things together rather than alone? Together you would enjoy a (romantic) dinner, a stroll through the city or a visit to a theatre or cinema. All of them activities that are not fun on your own. Or you might have been invited to a (company) party, but there is nobody who can join you. In these cases, the Companionship Only service is the perfect solution. 

The most beautiful date on your side

Society focuses much more on the individual nowadays. Many people are single (especially in the city), but they still feel the need for some good company. With a Companionship Only service you will do things that you would normally do with your partner. Are you booking this service with Pink Sheets? We will guarantee that you will have the most beautiful lady on your side! Aside from beauty, our ladies are also intelligent. They don’t shy away from a good conversation. Did you know that the service ‘Companionship Only’ has a reduced rate? This is because there is no intimacy involved.

From Companionship Only to more…

In the intro we already mentioned that there is usually no intimate contact involved with Companionship Only. But we can imagine that you are well impressed by your company and that you want to continue the date behind closed doors. Our high class companions are certainly open to this. Simply let us know and we will extend the duration of your booking so that the lady can continue the date in a more intimate setting.

Do you have questions about the rates or payment methods?

Do you have questions about payments or payment methods?