Double Couple Experience

Fun for four

From  € 2100,-  (based on 3 hours)

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Have you two ever fantasized of an intimate date with another couple, but you found it hard to choose the right couple? It can be difficult to determine the right group or to meet the wishes of all four of you. Pink Sheets offers the perfect solution! It is possible to create your own dream couple during this experience. Both the high-class gigolo and high-class escort that join you are professional and dedicated, and know how to create an unforgettable experience together with you.

This experience absolutely has great benefits. The date will be arranged by us to perfection. Moreover, there will be no feelings involved and there won’t be back and forth texting or calling. Another great benefit is that your wishes are being communicated with the couple beforehand, so that your expectations will be met. Our ladies know what to do and how to make you feel at ease. The same goes for the high-class gigolo’s of Mr. Perfect. We work closely together with them.

Practical information


With every booking the gigolo and the escort lady come to you. They will visit you at a hotel or other private occasion, this can also be your own residence. It is not possible to visit them on their home or work address. While making the booking or placing a reservation with us, you will provide us the location.

We make sure that the gigolo and escort lady will arrive on time and discretely to the location you provided. At all times, the arrival and departure of the gigolo and escort lady will be discrete. Both the man and woman will always dress themselves properly and stylish. They will, if you want this, won’t step out in front of your door.


  • Ladies

The high-class escort ladies are always fully prepared. They will always have the stuff you need for a wonderful night. Think of condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. Do you have something special in mind? You can always bring it with you and discuss it. Do you like to experiment with toys? Please keep in mind that they always have to be new and, in the box, when using it with the high-class escort lady/gigolo.

  • Gentlemen

The gentlemen are always fully prepared. They will always have the stuff you need. Think of condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. Do you have something special in mind? You can always bring it with you and discuss it with the gigolo. Our gigolos always bring a standard pack of sex toys you can use if wanted. If you have specific wishes or ideas, you can let us know and we will ensure a fitting date.

The end of the night

If the evening is coming to its end (the last quarter), Pink Sheets will call the escort to indicate that the booking is almost over (Pink Sheets has contact with Mr. Perfect). In case you would like to enjoy a bit more time with them, you could extend the booking. You can tell the escort with how many hours you would like to extend. She will arrange this with Pink Sheets. The payment for extension however, has to be completed directly. If you do not wish to extend, they will make themselves ready to leave and they will be the first leaving the location.

  • General

We are working closely with high-class gigolo agency Mr. Perfect. Making the perfect match between escort, gigolo, and you demands precision and care. Because we always want to introduce to you the perfect couple. That’s why we ask you to contact us and inquire regarding the right combination for you and your partner. Obviously, you can share your specific wishes or ideas with us. We will ensure a customized date. 

Extra information

Booking a Double Couple Experience can be very exciting of course! The tension rises between you after you’ve finally said “YES” to this fantastic adventure. Picking out a gigolo or high-class escort together is a special moment. We hope you enjoy this anticipation and have had good discussions about your expectations and wishes for the perfect Double Couple Experience. It’s important for us (Mr. Perfect & Pink Sheets) to be aware of your expectations. To make the evening go smoothly, we have some tips for you.


A good preparation goes a long way. As mentioned before, it’s important to keep an honest and open communication with both your partner and us. Let us know your wishes. These are the things that are important for us to know:

  • Is it your first experience as a couple with another man/woman?
  • What type of man/woman are you looking for (appearance-wise, character, and age)? Obviously, we can give advice in making the right choice, and also in finding the match between the gigolo and escort. This is important too and you can leave that to us.
  • Are you medically fine or should the escort/gigolo be aware of certain things?
  • Do you have any fantasies you would like to see happen? It’s important to be open about this, so that we can choose the right professional.
  • Have you made agreements on things that are not allowed? Discuss this beforehand to prevent any disappointments.
  • Let us know on time if you have any wishes regarding clothing/lingerie.


In order to make the date as perfect as possible, we ask you to book a spacious location for the date. A regular hotel room doesn’t offer the space for our professionals to give you the full experience. Make sure there is a cozy sitting area, a king-size bed, a spacious shower, and preferably a bubble bath or jacuzzi. It could be a private wellness, a hotel suite or a rented location via Airbnb or another platform. We are also able to advise you on booking a suitable location.


Our escorts and gigolos would really appreciate a warm welcome. Get dressed nicely and open the door together. It’s not very wise to open the door in underwear or bathrobes. Keep it classy! Enjoying a nice drink together would certainly improve the atmosphere. Get a nice bottle of wine or bubbles and don’t forget four glasses to toast your evening. Just having a glass of tap water is not the level of the Double Couple Experience.