Complete your perfect Girlfriend Experience and spent the night together

Bed & breakfast

From 2750,- (based on 12h)

Time is of no importance during a nice date with one of our beautiful high-class escorts. Immersing yourselves with each other, in the moment, in your little bubble, and the game of seduction are central during a romantic overnight stay. Enjoying the evening together in front of the fireplace, watching the sun go down or having a fancy dinner and waking up together just gives that extra bit of romance. No need to say goodbye immediately after the intimacy when you have an overnight stay with one of our ladies. Snuggle against her at night and it will feel as if she is your girlfriend. Enjoy a nice breakfast the following morning and take a hot shower before you both have to go on with your busy schedules. Escape the busy reality for a while and enjoy a real connection both physically and mentally with one of our beauties. This pleasant experience of tenderness, passion, fun, and erotic pleasure will be one you will remember with a big smile.

Practical information


With every booking, the high-class escort lady (or ladies) comes to you. They will visit you in a hotel or another private location, this can be your home as well. It’s not possible to visit the lady at their home or work address. When making a booking with us, you are asked to share your location. Safety of our high-class escort ladies is a top priority at Pink Sheets. We make sure the lady arrives discretely and on time at the given location. She will dress herself stylishly. She wears exclusive lingerie, a little black dress with stay-ups, and high heels with a neat coat over it, unless you have other wishes. At your request, she won’t step out of the car in front of your house. Pink Sheets always takes care of the transport for the lady. That also means the transport when the booking has ended.


Our ladies are always perfectly prepared. They carry all the things needed. Such as, condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and other things. If you have something special in mind, you are free to bring it with you. Do you like to experiment with sex toys? Please keep in mind that these toys always have to be brand new and still in their packaging, if you want to use them together with our high-class escort lady.

Please keep in mind that the lady has the right of a minimum of 4 hours of sleep.

The end of the date

If the date is coming to an end (the last quarter), Pink Sheets will call the lady and inform the booking is almost ending. If you want to enjoy her a bit more, you are welcome to extend the booking. You will notify the lady with how many more hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Pink Sheets. However, the payment for extension has to be paid directly. If you don’t wish to extend the booking, the lady will make herself ready to leave and will leave the room first.