Privacy policy 2022

Welcome to High Class Escort Service Pink Sheets! It is our mission to provide you with an unforgettable experience. In order to make this happen, we ask you to provide us some personal information when booking with us. To offer a unique and special experience we collect and use personal information. Of course, we understand that your privacy is very important, and therefore we will make great efforts to handle your personal information with trust and discretion.

How does Pink Sheets apply the privacy policy?

If you want to make use of Pink Sheets’ service, you will have to contact us through e-mail, phone, WhatsApp or booking form. We apply the privacy policy on all information coming to us through these channels.

What information does Pink Sheets collect?

When making contact with Pink Sheets, you are providing us with the information. We also make use of public sources to verify the provided information with our high-class escort ladies. It is not allowed to provide us with incorrect information. If you provide us with incorrect or incomplete information, we have the right to cancel the booking or not come to an agreement with you. If a booking request is successful and we accept it, we will collect the following information: name, contact info (e-mail and phone number), age, and your personal preferences. If possible, we can collect additional information about your personality. In case of an information or booking request not being accepted, we only keep the e-mail and other correspondence.

Why do we collect and use this personal information?

For the following reasons:

  • To make a successful match between you and one or more of the beautiful high-class escort ladies;
  • To realize a booking in the perfect way;
  • To optimize possible future bookings;
  • To secure the safety and wellbeing of our high-class escort ladies;
  • To comply with our legal obligation;

All personal information that we collect and process, will never be processed for other purposes other than performing our services in the best possible ways. We will never initiate contact with you, only for urgent reasons. We don’t do that out of respect for your privacy.

How long does Pink Sheets keep your information?

We keep your personal information during the period where we need this to fulfil our services as mentioned in the above paragraph. In fact, the Dutch legislation obligates us to keep information of such at least 7 years. However, after 3 years your information will be anonymized. In the case of undesirable behaviour from your side against our company or our high-class escort ladies, we are able to keep your information after the limitation period to protect our company against possible legal claims. We do this to protect our company.

Sharing personal information

Personal information is not shared within the company. Unless, this is strictly necessary to execute your booking request or the safety of one of our high-class escort ladies is at risk.

How does Pink Sheets protect your personal information?

We endeavour to protect your personal information at all times in every way and to the extend reasonably expected from us. We hold discretion and privacy in high esteem and therefore structuring our policy on the basis of these core values. Just like other websites, we use cookies as well for visitors of our website to provide optimal service. Unfortunately, no data transfer or storage via internet has a 100% safety guarantee.

Your privacy rights

According to the Dutch privacy law, you have the right to access your personal information and related information at all times. If you can prove to us that the information we have of you is incorrect, you can request us to change this information. According to you, if there is no good reason for us for the fact that we keep or process your personal information, you can request us to remove your information completely or partially.

Change of private policy

Currently, a lot of work is still being done with respect to a tight privacy law, which may result in several changes of our privacy policy. Changes can be found on our website. Please contact us for any questions or remarks.