The world of submission and dominance

From 1100,-

For this package a minimum of 3 hours is required (hours + €100,- extra for SM excl other extra services)

Our high class escort ladies would love to take you into the world of dominance, leather suits, whips, bondage, submission, and much more.

Have you ever felt the need to surrender yourself completely? Just escape reality for a while? Being dominated by one of our beautiful mistresses who will take care of you? Our high class escort ladies would love to take you into the world of dominance, leather suits, whips, bondage, submission, and much more. Play with your body and mind and be guided completely by one of Pink Sheets’ mistresses.

The possibilities during the SM-session are endless. We advice to make your expectation known before the session. In this way, our mistresses can prepare themselves completely and arrange your SM-session accordingly so that it will go beyond your wildest dreams.

The possibilities vary from A-level, role play, fetish & fantasy (clothing), bondage, pain experience (masochism/sadism), submission, dominance, and golden shower or a combination of these elements. We offer a submissive and dominating discipline. That means that at all times the lady will be the dom and you the sub, but that the played punishment can be experienced from the dominance as well as the submission. Tip: Check the profiles to see which ladies provide the SM Experience.

Do you have other or additional wishes that are not mentioned here? Please let us know. We ensure a SM-session accordingly! Our high class mistresses are really open-minded and shall bring your fantasies into life.

Tip: In case you have experienced a session with a mistress before, it is definitely recommended to invite her to a luxurious (BD)SM-location or kinky/fetish party.

Examples of (BD)SM-location

SPNKD in Antwerp

This is a luxurious studio designed for the most kinky fantasies, but in style.

The Kinky Suite in Amsterdam

A luxurious and eroticBed and Breakfast. Everything is possible here.

The Fun House in The Hague

This is a shop to buy special SM attributes such as: sex toys, clothing, fetish attributes, whips, and much more.

The Fun Factory 

A kinky Bed and Breakfast in The Hague. This location has a very luxurious appearance and is fully build in a (BD)SM theme.

Examples of Kinky Fetish parties

BITCH van Crazyland Events

We recommend to buy VIP tickets for this event. These parties can be very busy and you want to get the best possible experience. These parties are being in held around Amsterdam.

Kinky on the beach

We recommend to buy VIP tickets for this event. These parties can be very busy and you want to get the best possible experience. These parties are being in held around Amsterdam.

Little Sins

This is an erotic dance and lounge party, but with a naughty edge.


This is a big fetish & fantasy event held in the Amsterdam area. This party is recommended if you are already skilled in the world of SM. Please keep in mind that many people from the gay scene attend this event.

Boudoir Bizarre

This party is held a couple times per year in the Amsterdam area. This party is not massive, but focuses more on a smaller audience. You will find a unique fetish theatre, breath taking walk arounds, candy girls, pop up shows, and shows on different stages.


From fetish to fashion, from erotica to sexy, from bondage to burlesque, from fantasy to cosplay, and from naked to masquerade.


Do you let yourself be seduced? Do you seduce? Do you receive commands or are you commanding? Lacquer, leather, latex fuelled with ultimate fetishes and fantasies. This party is held a couple times per year around Tilburg.

Fetisj Dreamz

This party is held a couple times per year around Groningen.


Our mistresses agree with their slaves upon the following codes:

Green= It could be a bit heavier

Orange= This is fine, I feel pleasant with this

Red= Stop! This is too much

It is recommended to really go through these codes together before the booking. We created these codes, because a slave is rather quickly inclined to say: ‘stop’, ‘no’ or ‘I can’t take it any longer’. If then the mistress stops the session, this can be very disappointing for the play. We find the safety of our customers very important and in this manner we can ensure it.

Practical information


It applies to every single booking that all high class escort ladies come to you. They will visit you in a hotel or other private occasion, which can be your own home. So it is not possible to visit the lady at her private work or home address. In making a booking or reservation of an arrangement, you provide us with a location you would like to meet. The safety of Pink Sheets’ ladies is top priority. We make sure the lady arrives on time and in a discrete manner at the location indicated by you. So, she won’t arrive in her mistress clothes. The arrival and departure of the lady will always be discrete. At all times, she will dress herself stylish. She wears exclusive lingerie, a little black dress with stay-ups, and high heels with on top a neat coat, unless you have other wishes. She won’t get out right in front of your door if you prefer that. Pink Sheets is always responsible for the lady’s transport. So we also make sure she has transport at the end of the booking.


Our ladies are always prepared to perfection. They bring with them all the stuff you will need. Think of condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. If you wish for the mistress to wear something specific which she doesn’t have, we will ask you to buy that and take it with you to the booking. Of course, Pink Sheets can assist you, but we charge extra for that. The price depends on your wishes.

Do you like to experiment with sex toys? Please keep in mind that at all times, the toys have to be brand new and in their respective packaging if you would like to use them together with our high class escort lady.

The end of the evening

If the evening is coming to an end (the last quarter), Pink Sheets will call the lady to notice the booking has almost ended. In case you would like to enjoy some more time with her, you can choose to extend the booking. If so, you can let the lady know how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will take care of this with Pink Sheets. Though, the payment for extension has to be made immediately. If you don’t want to extend the booking, the lady will calmly make herself ready to leave and she will leave the place first. It happens that you have booked a room or other location for a whole night, but that you decide not to stay overnight. With all good intentions, you can offer the lady to spend the night there, however our escort ladies can’t accept an overnight stay in a room, only when this has been agreed upon in a booking with Pink Sheets that includes an overnight stay.



Some tips for an ultimate SM-session

  • Let us know your preferences: are you excited by specific behaviour? Do you have preferences for a certain attribute or certain fetish or fantasy you would like to see become reality? Let us know and we would love to help you.
  • We will assist you in making the perfect match by combining your wishes and the lady’s capabilities.
  • Take your time: it is difficult to really interact with each other in just 2 hours. It will become hurried and uncomfortable if you are doing it too quick. Read the lady’s profile carefully to avoid any disappointments.
  • Try your best to please the mistress as well. Our lady will give her best effort for that. Every lady is different, so if you don’t connect that well with one lady in particular, that doesn’t mean this goes for the other ladies as well.
  • Let us know what was disappointing and we will surprise you the next time with a unique and suiting experience.

Do you have any questions regarding the rates or payment methods?