First Time Experience

Take your time to experience a perfect first time

This is your evening

From 1450,-

Do you not have that much or no experience at all between the sheets? And do you want to change that? You are at the right place. Some specially selected ladies offer the ‘First Time Experience’ service. During this experience one of our ladies will comfort you and take away all your nerves. Our high-class escort ladies are not only beautiful, but also understanding, sweet, and patient.

 We offer the First Time Experience with a minimum of 3 hours. Really allow yourself the time to make your first time unforgettable. To make this experience even more special, we include a hotel suite in the price with this service. We will reserve you a luxurious suite, so you do not have to worry about the location. Tell us at Pink Sheets in what city you wish to have the suite. Enjoy a night full of excitement and romance. You will get a luxurious room provided with a bubble bath, king-size bed, and a rain shower. Everything is arranged to perfection. The lady will give you a warm welcome, so you can enjoy each other and make this a very special night together. Our ladies are looking forward to share this special experience with you.

Practical information

Preparation & Arrival

Normally, you should be present at the designated hotel room or private occasion, and afterwards the lady will arrive on the agreed time. However, we at Pink Sheets can imagine that you could be nervous. Therefore, we can make sure the lady is already present in the room, so that she can give you a warm welcome and ease the nerves. We will inform you the room number 2 hours prior, so you can enter the room immediately when arriving at the hotel. The lady will ensure to have a nice cold beverage ready, in that way you get to know each other better first. During the night, the lady will take the lead, so you can lay back, relax, and fully enjoy your wonderful night together. Our ladies are always prepared to perfection. They always carry the necessities with them. You can think of, condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and the like.

The end of the evening

When the evening is coming to its end (the last quarter), Pink Sheets will call the lady telling her the booking has almost come to an end. In case you would like to enjoy some more time with her, you can extend your booking. Let the lady know how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Pink Sheets. Though, the payment for the extension should be completed directly. If you do not want to extend the booking, the lady will dress herself and if necessary freshen her make-up. Say goodbye to each other, and you will be leaving the room first. The lady checks out and Pink Sheets will arrange transportation for the lady to return home.

Remind: you don’t have to fill in the hotel/location in the booking form. We only need to know in which city you want us to book a suite. Please fill in the city, that’s enough.

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