Spa Experience

Special treat in a romantic setting

From 1200,-

For this package a minimum of 4 hours is required

Are you ready for relaxation? Treat yourself and go together with one of our dazzling beauties to the spa. Enjoy this ultimate experience of tenderness, fun, and relaxation like you would do with your girlfriend.

Our high class escort ladies appreciate the Spa Experience because in this way they can really make a connection with you mentally. This will pay off later, after a day of relaxation you let the tension rise together and feel the connection you have built together throughout the day.

The Girlfriend Experience is always included in the Spa Experience. There really is a physical as well as mental connection. Our high class escorts are the type of women who you would proudly introduce to your family and friends. A lady with whom sex is romantic, intimate, passionate, and anything but boring.

Our ladies are erotically as well as intellectually challenging that really allows you to have a connection with them. Do you have questions about what lady will suit you best? Pink Sheets would love to help you find the perfect match.

You can book this arrangement for public as well as private wellness facilities. The Spa Experience has to be booked with a minimum of 4 hours. The first hours are charged as Companion Only (200 per hour) and thus have a lower rate. The last 2 hours are charged with the normal rate (750 for 2 hours). Because we assume that the intimacy will take place in the last 2 hours. These rules also apply for longer bookings (more than 4 hours). If you have special or additional wishes, we would like to hear that to plan accordingly. The costs for wellness, food, drinks, massage, and all other extras are at your expense.

Practical information


With every booking the high class escort lady will come to you. She will visit you in a hotel or other private occasion where you most likely will be going after the booking. You can also decide to meet the lady at the sauna or spa of your choice. So it is not possible to visit the lady at her home or work address. With booking or making a reservation of an arrangement, you must inform us the location. At Pink Sheets we take the safety of our high class escort ladies very serious. We make sure the lady arrives on time and in a discrete manner at the location indicated by you. The arrival and departure of the lady will always be discrete. Normally, our ladies always wear exclusive lingerie, a little black dress with stay-ups, and high heels with on top a neat coat, unless you have other wishes. In this case, we ask the lady to bring those clothes and dress herself comfortably but stylish, if you meet up directly at the spa. Pink Sheets is always responsible for the lady’s transport. So we also make sure she has transport at the end of the booking.


Are ladies are always prepared to perfection. They always carry all the stuff you will be needing. Think of condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. Do you have something special in mind? Then you are free to take that with you and discuss this with the lady. Do you like to experiment with sex toys for example? Please keep in mind that at all times, the toys have to be brand new and in their respective packaging if you would like to use them together with our high class escort lady. Also, keep in mind that the costs of the spa or private sauna are at your expense. Would you like Pink Sheets to reserve a spa and/or hotel for you? Please let us know in time. We would love to help you!

The end of the day

If the evening is coming to an end (the last quarter), Pink Sheets will call the lady to notice the booking has almost ended. In case you would like to enjoy some more time with her, you can choose to extend the booking. If so, you can let the lady know how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will take care of this with Pink Sheets. Though, the payment for extension has to be made immediately. If you don’t want to extend the booking, the lady will calmly make herself ready to leave and she will leave the place first. It happens that you have booked a room or other location for a whole night, but that you decide not to stay overnight. With all good intentions, you can offer the lady to spend the night there, however our escort ladies can’t accept an overnight stay in a room, only when this has been agreed upon in a booking with Pink Sheets that includes an overnight stay.

Some tips for the ultimate Spa Experience

  • Let us know your preferences: is it specific behaviour that excites you? A beautiful face? Long legs? Or a specific colour of eyes? We will find you the perfect match.
  • Read the lady’s profile carefully to avoid any disappointments.
  • Try your best to please the lady. Book the spa or private sauna well in advance, to avoid having the booking moved or that you have to find another place at the last moment.
  • Every lady is different, so if you don’t connect that well with one lady in particular, that doesn’t mean this goes for the other ladies as well. Let us know what was disappointing and we will surprise you the next time with a unique and suiting experience.

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