International High Class Escortservice 

Are you looking for the best high-class escort service with international appeal? Then you have found the right high-class escort agency. The woman of your dreams is just a click away! You can obviously expect the utmost discretion when you book with Pink Sheets. At Pink Sheets we not only meet your wishes: we will surpass them. We guarantee that every (international) date is completely customized to your wishes and desires. Our beautiful Elite Escorts would love to discover all the great spots the world has to offer with you, both within and outside of Europe. 


Whether you are looking for a high-class escort to accompany you during a business trip or a personal vacation, we will gladly look at the different possibilities. Traveling together is much more fun than alone! An international booking is easily arranged. Our Elite Escorts would love to travel with you! Organizing an international booking is easily arranged by us, because of our extensive experience on this matter. We also have different contacts with concierge services. They would help you completely plan a (business) trip. All this is naturally done with utmost discretion! Your privacy is our priority.


Business trips around the world are a necessity for many ambitious and hardworking businessmen- and women. After a long day of meetings, a wonderful surprise will be waiting for you in the evening! Enjoy intimate, intelligent, sensual, and elegant company wherever you are. She can travel back the next morning, but is also possible to enjoy her for a couple more days. While you are working during the day, your high-class escort can make preparations for when you will be back. Make your business trip unforgettable with one of our beautiful high-class escorts. Our high-class escorts are all acquainted with the right etiquettes, that makes them very suitable for a business dinner! One thing is certain: you will definitely make a good impression during a dinner.


Are you for business in AmsterdamRotterdamZwolleUtrecht or another city in the Netherlands? All our ladies are of Dutch origin and live in different cities in the Netherlands. They would love to show you the city during the day. After your special City-Tour, you can have a dinner in one of the many restaurants in the Netherlands. Complete the date in your hotel suite!


Do you love exploring a new city? Enjoying architecture, art, culture, cuisine, and exploring the nightlife together? Explore together with one of Pink Sheets’ high-class escorts different cities such as: RomePragueAntwerpLondonParisBrussels or another city. Wherever your city trip is, our ladies would love to discover all the nice places in the world with you! Enjoy all the nice things with a beautiful lady on your side.


After all the hard work a vacation is definitely needed! Enjoy the ultimate experience of tenderness, passion, and chemistry that you would expect from your girlfriend during a vacation. All our ladies will certainly ensure the perfect Girlfriend Experience. Wherever you are going on vacation, we would love to help you arrange the international booking. We can imagine it’s hard to choose between all our beautiful international Elite Escorts. No worries: we are very good in match making. Tell us your plans, wishes, and expectations and we will make them happen!


New clients: International bookings with new clients require an extra screening. The safety of our ladies is our priority! The extra screening will be discussed with you once you have contacted Pink Sheets.

Minimum booking: The minimal booking duration of an international booking differs per country, your wishes, and the traveling time of our high-class escorts. This will be aligned when you contact us.

Rates and deposits: The rates on our website also apply to international booking. Travel expenses will be added on, the specific rate depends on your location. A deposit is required via a bank transfer. This deposit will consist of the full travel expenses of the lady and 50% of the booking rate. If you wish, you can also do a 100% deposit. After receiving your deposit, we will arrange everything for you. Because of privacy, it’s not possible for clients to book the travel documents of our high-class escorts. Pink Sheets will take this responsibility. 

Safety: Our high-class escorts don’t visit countries with a negative travel advice. Also, the ladies skip countries with a controlling religion or a great inequality between men and women.


Planning: Most of our high-class escorts have a ‘normal’ job next to this or are studying. That is why it’s much appreciated if you make an international booking minimally 72 hours beforehand. 

Expectations: Our ladies will do everything to give you an unforgettable time. They also expect to be treated with respect and courtesy. Please let us know your expectations during you vacation. Activities during a vacation can differ and sometimes require different clothing or preparations. Think of: beach vacations, ski vacations, vacations with activities etc. It will be nice if they know this beforehand, so they can prepare themselves optimally. 

Safety: Our ladies will always have brief contact with Pink Sheets every day. Safety is our number one priority.

Comfort: Our high-class escorts have to have a minimum of three meals a day at your expense. The hotel where you stay also has to be rated with 4 stars minimally. 

Rest and relaxation: Our high-class escorts also need their rest and relaxation. That is why we ask you to make sure that your high-class escorts can sleep minimally 6 hours per night undisturbed. With a 24-hour booking, it’s required that the lady or ladies have 2 hours a day private time which can be used at their will, for example maintaining contact with family and friends back home (private and work/study).

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