About Amy

“Not the biggest, but the best.” If you ask me what Pink Sheets’ mission is, it won’t take me much time to think about it. Quality is everything and is shown in every detail of my company: from the screening and personal care of our clients to creating a safe environment for the ladies that stimulates growth. I wanted to set an international standard that raises the bar. Not only because I saw the possibility for it, but also because the clients and ladies deserve just that.

From experience to business operations

Years ago, I gained experience in this industry. I spent time with clients, saw how operations worked, and what it took to arrange the perfect date. Though, leading a business with international appeal and having a strong foundation of professionalism and trust, took more than what was available at that time. Through my experience, legal background, and my aspiration as a young entrepreneur, I started Pink Sheets.

From starter to successful player

As with any company that makes an entrance within the established order, the last couple of years where kind of a rocky road. Success stands out and does not come by chance. However, Pink Sheets quickly became a household name because of our approach. Our clients appreciate the transparency and care we use while taking care of their requests and through a strict selection of ladies, we can give our talents the full attention they deserve. High-class goes beyond a label, it’s the core of what we represent.

Open book

Besides empathy and determination, the transparency is an intricate part of our operations. I am an open book. You may ask me anything. I like to share my knowledge and incorporate it in the training we give to the ladies. Because a high-class lady knows her qualities beyond the bedroom. She knows how to convert her natural EQ, judge of character, and talent to comfort clients to professionalism that a date requires. That professionalism and clear agreements with Pink Sheets, form the foundation of a special date. For many men, our traditional clients, but also increasingly for couples and women.

A boundless erotic adventure

Changes in society also mean changes in our client base. Couples like to spice up their sex life with help of a professional, women surprise their man, or women that don’t want to date, but are interested in a special night, are more and more using our services. I see this as a nice compliment and I enjoy putting these dates together, because I have seen from my own experience how valuable such a night can be. Nothing gives me the satisfaction as a date where everybody enjoys intimately and already desires a follow-up when it ends. This is what Pink Sheets does: we offer safe, playful, and boundless erotic adventure.

With love,