What is high class?

Wat does high-class mean exactly? A simple question that might not be so easy to answer.

Let me first say that a high-class escort is not found around the Red-Light District in Amsterdam (with all due respect to sex workers), you can’t book her for under seven hundred and fifty euros for two hours, and you won’t recognize her by her miniskirts with fake tights and excessive makeup. No, a high-class escort won’t be looking as a cheap-looking woman. She won’t be over the top, but she will appear as an elegant, causally-dressed woman who looks amazing.

Let’s start with a brief explanation about the lower end of sex work. It’s explicitly about the sexual act and it’s mainly about the act that is done for a fee. Also, it’s not uncommon that a sexual act is done for a higher price, but in an unsafe manner. These ladies are found in sex houses, brothels, and also in the Red-Light District in Amsterdam.

Now there are other sites where ladies offer themselves or are being offered against a rate of €80, – to €200, – per hour. These escort agencies claim to be “high-class”, but you often get disappointed. The ladies usually don’t resemble the ones on the photos, sometimes don’t even show up, or they may come to your house but only offer a sexual act and leave before the time is already up. If you want to make a complaint and express it to the lady in question, you may expect a visit from the driver who will “check out the circumstances”. Because you will have to pay! As a result, your lady leaves without offering the service you’ve paid for.

We can conclude that we’re talking about prostitutes here and not “high-class escorts”.

There are just a few agencies that offer escorts who truly are high-class. You may expect these ladies to be highly educated, know the common etiquettes, possess the right people skills and are self-aware. Besides these general skills, there’s more to being a high-class escort than merely providing intimate contact.

The minimal duration of a high-class escort that is being booked, is two to three hours. Usually, this is longer than a “regular escort booking”, because the client wants to build a connection with the lady. First, they will have a fancy dinner, shop together, or watch a play in the theatre. It’s definitely not about quick sex, but about the intimate connection. The lady looks amazing, usually wears a dress or skirt to her knees, and wears her hair down or slightly held together to her neck. Sometimes the lady also joins a business dinner or another meeting. It’s important that she can maintain an intellectual level within different subjects. So, you may recognize a real high-class escort agency by the prices, the appearance of the ladies in the photos, and a good description of her personal character.

But pay attention! Despite the fact that some high-class escort agencies meet certain standards, there are some strings attached! Wrongdoings within the agency may not appear from the outside, because they show their best behaviour on tv or in the newspaper. However, nothing is what it seems if you hear some ladies speaking about the way their safety, critique, and work environment are handled.

For example, some agencies require that the ladies share their social media accounts and add them as a contact. In this way, the agency has access to her private photos and private contacts. The work as an escort is typically anonymous and the agency exploits just that. They pressure the ladies or blackmail them if they don’t want to work anymore or refuse something. There are also agencies that send ladies just on her way out without informing them on safe sex or giving them proper contraceptives. What’s more, do you come across the term “PZC” on a website? This is a Dutch acronym meaning, “blowjob without condom”. Yes, some high-class escort agencies offer this service. If you read this, and you think: “I want this”, you’re not the only one, but even oral sex can give you a STD. I’m telling you how it is. At the same time, this means the lady is being “forced” to perform unsafe sex. This is of course far from “high-class”. Lastly, another common practice is agencies providing insufficient information to the lady about the client and his wishes with unpleasant surprises for the lady as a result.

These matters won’t ever happen at Pink Sheets!

No, Pink Sheets knows the ropes. No… not just the SM-ropes. Though, we offer this service, but we have experience in this line of work and experience with other agencies. With this experience, Pink Sheets has managed to provide high-quality escort service. The agency only offers safe high-class dates and the ladies have to go through a strict selection process to become part of the team. The lady has to meet all the standards and really wants to do this work. Because she needs to enjoy doing this work. If a lady enjoys what she does, the client will notice it. At Pink Sheets, we expect the client to meet certain standards as well, not everybody becomes and stays a client at Pink Sheets. Do you violate the client etiquette more than once? In that case, the service is over. Enjoyment and quality are one of our highest priorities at Pink Sheets.

And yes, client is king, but the ladies at Pink Sheets are empresses!

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