Tips for a perfect date

Tip 1: Choose a lady that suits you

Try to really check the ladies’ profile and ask yourself what suits you. The looks are often easy to judge, but also read the character descriptions of the ladies, because the character is just as important for a successful night. Do you still have doubts or other questions? Please contact us and we will help you find the best possible match. We know are ladies very well, so we can advise you to make the right choice.

Tip 2: Take good care of yourself

The first impression is very important and can’t be undone. Stating the obvious… your first impression of her is important, but so is her first impression of you as well. Get yourself a shower, use a nice aftershave/perfume, shave yourself, and put one something nice. Let your nerves go for a while and show your best smile. Our ladies present themselves well-taken care of, and they expect the same from you!

Tip 3: Do some research

Every lady at Pink Sheets has her own profile with some information about her life. Also, sexual preferences, life style, personal information, and a character description. Make sure you know who you are inviting!

Tip 4: Tell a bit about yourself

Show a bit who you are. We don’t mean summing up your CV. Just tell in general what interests you have in life, what you love, what gives you pleasure or what dreams you have. Keep it light! Some men get shy… our ladies will always try to make you feel comfortable and they will also tell something about themselves. You will notice the improvement of the atmosphere if you do the same.

Tip 5: Have her favourite drink in your house

If you have taken a look at her profile you should have seen what she likes to drink. The ladies appreciate this very much and you immediately set the right atmosphere!

Tip 6: Create a good atmosphere

Music works wonders! Put on a relax playlist, pour a drink, and do the little extra thing. For example, have the bath running and dim the lights!

Tip 7: Book a luxurious suite

The environment is one of the most important factors. A luxurious suite has all the comforts. Suites have often a great bubble bath and a rain shower. Go in the bath together, have a glass of wine, and get to know each other before having the tension rise together.

Tip 8: Erotic massage

Our ladies love to be spoiled by the gentleman. Get to know her beautiful body by giving her a lovely massage. Do you want to make it a bit more exciting? Choose a massage candle! Melt away together…

Tip 9: Body language

Ask her what she likes and listen to her directions. Every lady is different and have their own preferences. Discuss together what you expect from the night. Pay attention to her body language; that tells the whole story. Just a small tip: take your time during foreplay.

Tip 10: Presents and tips

Our ladies don’t expect tips. But naturally, they will be pleasantly surprised if you show your appreciation by giving a bit extra. For some tips on presents, take a look at the lady’s profile. Don’t you have any time to buy a present? You are free to give the lady a tip at the end of your date. This is not mandatory, but is only very much appreciated by our ladies.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us.