The taboo: high-class escorts

The taboo: high-class escorts

High-class escort, there is still much taboo on this subject. That is unfortunate, because it’s a wonderful job if you ask me. I say job, but that’s not what it feels like for the ladies. It’s something that has been around since human time. They say it’s the oldest job in the world and it will always exist. When I was young, I always said: it’s a job just like any other. We should not judge and be narrow-minded. However, I have to adjust my opinion slightly. High-class escort is not a job like any other. At least, that’s the general opinion of society. That is why I am working hard to break this taboo and offer our services broadly in the market. So many more factors are connected to this ‘job’, let’s look a bit further than just the words escort and sex.

This is the world I would like to see for Pink Sheets. The ladies with whom I work with don’t see the date as work, but every date is a new challenge. I am a person who always like to live on the edge with adrenaline. I like to stay creative and I am not the person who does grocery shopping after work at 5 pm and start hurrying to be at the dinner table at 6 pm. Every day should be a new challenge for me. I was like this when I went on dates, and I still am now as the owner of this agency.

I am a firm believer of experiencing everything you can in life. I am open to take this business abroad and this business can do just that. I want to get the most out of the reach of Pink Sheets. Offering a safe working environment for all ladies who dream of this career is important to me.

Connection, honesty, discretion, and safety are our highest priorities. Hopefully I am able to convey to these ladies that you should enjoy your high-class escort career. It’s a special secret life that teaches you how people are, which you won’t learn in school.

Before I started as a high-class escort myself, I spent a lot of time thinking, for many reasons, about entering this world. Now I can only say that I am thankful I have done it and happy I took the jump. I have learned from it in many ways. Pink Sheets would not have existed otherwise.

This is a quote from an older interview when I was working as a high-class escort:

‘This doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s very enjoyable. It satisfies me if I can make a man or a couple forget their concerns. If I can play into his little or big desires and fantasies. I get a lot of confidence if people enjoy my presence. I like to give myself 100% both emotionally and physically to someone who surrenders to my presence. Every meeting is a chance to improve, learn, develop yourself, and re-discover yourself. During my career as a high-class escort, I would like to develop myself personally and socially. I am ready to fill up the room with my energy and have every person feel who wants to join that he or she made the right choice.’

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