The client falling in love with an escort

Love and sex. They are two different things. They can go together or without each other. I have touched on this subject in a previous blog (link). If men book a high-class escort, the first thought one has is that the man only does it for sex. But there is more to booking an escort than just sex. Her presence brings personal attention, fun, distraction, good conversations and sometimes even life’s lessons.

Picking the right high-class escort lady of Pink Sheets is by customizing your preferences through our matchmaking service (link). Not every lady is suitable for every client. It’s all about your wishes and needs. Personal characteristics are filtered based on your wishes and the right lady will be chosen to meet these demands. Though, sometimes the matchmaking is so perfect…

The fact that the client has good intentions with the lady is common, because he wants to create a good relationship with the lady. But sometimes those feelings of the client can become stronger and turn into love. As a result, the client becoming obsessive with the lady. In some cases, there is even talk of addictive behaviour.

Compare it with a gambling addict who keeps hoping of winning the jackpot by constantly putting coins into the machine, but winning the jackpot never becomes reality.

When does something like that happen? Let me give you an example of what happened…

It started off like a normal date. The man had booked one of our high-class escort ladies and invited her to a dinner at his place including the intimacy. The lady and the man had a good connection and the time flew by. The man spoke about his private situation. His wife left him for someone else, which really hurt his ego and made him feel insecure. The lady listened carefully to him and said all the right things that made his ego grow again. More dates followed. But the more the lady visited him, the more the man became unaware of this being a ’business agreement’. Naturally, we don’t want it to feel that way, but inviting a high-class escort is not the same as meeting someone from a dating site where you may end up having a relationship with.

He bought her something special every date: beautiful roses, a nice perfume, lovely lingerie, chocolate treats and fancy jewellery. With each present the man wrote a little note expressing his feelings to the lady. The lady in return thanked him and said that the feelings weren’t mutual, despite the fact the two were having a good time.

Every time a lady leaves, she always tells Amy how the booking went, whether she had fun and what they did together. She also says how the client treated her or shares other details. If there are signs the client is not following the rules, he will be politely informed. The lady will also share if a client has fallen a love with her, and whether she feels comfortable with him expressing that to her.

Feelings can arise. Especially when the lady is giving the man something he doesn’t receive at home or in his daily life. The dates with the ladies of Pink Sheets are simply perfect, but they can also be grumpy and walk in their sweatpants all day.

If this happens to you, ask yourself what these feelings exactly are. Is it love or is it the longing of the high you get when you’re meeting the high-class lady? If you can make this distinction, then you know how the game works.

In this case, the man did cross a line and shared his personal information in his last note. Now love can be hard and unrelenting. Because sharing personal information is against Pink Sheets’ client etiquette.

As a consequence, the client couldn’t be in contact with the lady again and the dates with this lady stopped.

No goodbye, no contact, no explanation.

It maybe sounds hard and it probably is.

These situations happen once in a while. But if you don’t recognize yourself in this story, then I will give you an important tip. The most important thing is that you genuinely enjoy the date. Forget about reality for a couple of hours and be present in the moment. Get the attention you deserve and experience a sensual time with the lady of your choice. Because let’s be honest… If you know how the game works, you can’t ignore the fact that the attention and intimacy on this level fulfils all your desires.

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