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First Time Experience 

Maybe you just haven’t found the right partner yet, or you’ve been too busy with your career. Anyway, the reason you’re reading this, is because you haven’t been intimate with a woman or you don’t have much experience. One question remains. How is it, having “sex” with someone for the first time?

You want to know how it feels… Her touch, her body against yours, her lips on your lips, and her hands and lips on all other parts of your body. You want to see it at the end of a big bed… You want to see her lying there, naked, and that she slowly opens her legs… After that, you want to desire her, touch, caress, explore and seduce her. This is your moment.

Sounds perfect, right? I do have to disappoint you a bit… Because the first time just doesn’t go the way it should be. You will be nervous the first time. You might be a bit clumsy or you might freeze. Even getting an erection could be difficult the first time, just as timing your climax. It’s a stereotype, but true: The first time is definitely not comparable with the porn videos you see.

Tip 1: Lower your expectations

You’ve chosen to be intimate the first time with a professional. That means that at least one of you has the experiences and know-how to make the first time go smoothly. That can be quite exciting. Without throwing you into the deep end, I will tell you a bit about what you can expect from a so-called “First Time Experience” and how to prepare yourself.

It starts by making an appointment with Amy of Pink Sheets. – Here is Tip 2:

Be as open and honest as possible about your wishes for the evening. How much experience do you have? What are your expectations and what do you find important during a date? Amy can arrange a perfect match for you based on your wishes and desires. The First Time Experience has a minimal duration of 3 hours (longer is recommended) and Amy will take care of a beautiful luxurious hotel suite.

The lady will prepare herself in the hotel suite. She takes care of some lovely music and candle light or other mood lighting. She will dress herself in beautiful lingerie and over that a classic little black dress. You just have to make sure you’re on time at the hotel room. After that, it’s just a matter of laying back and enjoying the moment.

On the day itself you might feel a bit tense. You’re working towards the moment. Make sure you’ve had a relaxed day. Don’t plan too much appointments and take enough time to take care of yourself. Get a haircut, shave yourself from top to toe, and listen to some relaxing music. Don’t be drinking to gain some courage! That works counterproductive in getting an erection and this will not benefit the evening. You surely want this evening to be one to remember.

Then… the moment is there. You’re standing in front of the hotel room, you take a deep breath, and you knock on the door. The lovely lady of Pink Sheets will open and welcome you with a smile. She is gorgeous, a beauty, and exactly as in the photos you saw, but even prettier in real life. Give her a compliment and bring her a small gift. Such a red rose, chocolate, or a bottle of champagne.

Have a drink first with the lady and get a conversation starting. See if you can make an intimate connection with the lady. Your nerves can stand in your way. Naturally, our lady knows about your inexperience, so she will make sure the evening goes smoothly. She will point you in the right direction if needed and by doing so, you will be better prepared for a second date. She is also there for you to learn some things. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, just ask them! This means that it won’t just be a great experience, but you’ll get a real “course”.

Finally – Tip 3: Take your time, because with taking your time, you’ll relax. Everything takes its time, every step in the process. From the meeting and the first touch to the intimate moments. The first time is a special moment, because you can’t do it over again. And I would just like to say, I think it’s very cool of you that you’re willing to take this step. You know what you want and you take matters into your own hands.

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