Conversational skills for a perfect date

Women are talkative by nature, in contrast to men. Obviously, there are exceptions, because some men do also like to talk a lot, but regardless of the partner that evening being a talkative person or rather shy, a real high-class escort knows how to communicate on the same level and what subjects she can or can’t discuss. But what are the right talking points? Do you talk about the (corona) crisis, political unrest, and wars in the world? Mmm… No, let’s keep it light and friendly! This is a moment to get to know the high-class escort better on a personal level. With that in mind, it helps asking questions about her and showing interest. But don’t make it an interrogation. The well-known causal questions we asked our friends at school – What is your favourite colour? What do you want to be when you grow up? Or what is your favourite dish? – are questions we want to leave out.

Making a good conversation is not easy for everyone. We all know the awkward silences… Quite painful. But the basis for a good one is trust and some safety. If you make yourself vulnerable, by speaking about difficult and uncomfortable subjects, you open yourself up to the other. In this way, you invite the other to follow. Making yourself vulnerable lets the other do this as well. This gives the conversation more depth and intensity. Do stay close to yourself and don’t discuss big ethical dilemmas. Start with light subjects and see how the lady responds. Does she start speaking back to you or is she giving some pushback? Did you experience something similar? Ask her how she experienced it and what feeling she had associated with that. Look for similarities, those are the best conversations to start with.

When the conversation is flowing, take a look at the posture of the lady. If the subject is interesting to the lady, you will quickly notice. She will sit straight-up or have a straighter posture. Her pupils will dilate and there will be more eye contact. She will smile at you and recognise herself in your story or just nod with her head.

Do you want to go a step further? Try to share your deepest desires. The lady knows why she’s there and is not surprised to various fetishes. She is open-minded and knows much about intimacy, so make use of it. It’s not without reason she embarks on this high-class escort adventure!

Are you a bit nervous asking about BDSM? Or do you want to know more about getting a prostate massage, but you’re not sure about asking? Make it a “light” conversation by asking about her experiences with this extra service. She will trigger your curiosity by talking about them. This will make you want to ask more questions. The lady will get the idea where you fantasy lies and play into that. This creates a sensual dynamic that brings you closer together.

Another piece of advice: Do pay attention to how you’re bringing up a subject and in what setting you two are. Is it more a formal conversation about the things you want to discover and the intimacy is still not there? Or did you enjoy each other already and are you two spooning and fantasizing in bed? It’s about setting the right tone. A sultry undertone can be lovely after you’ve enjoyed each other…

Are you just not that talkative or are you too nervous to come up with subjects for a nice conversation? If so, go to the bathroom, take a deep breath and relax. Preparation is key. Get yourself a Chit Chat Jar with questions that has funny questions. Break the ice by talking about her stunning beauty and luckily for you, you’ve had some questions prepared to ask her. That will surely bring a smile on her face! Because I will tell you a secret.

Everything you’ve prepared for your date, is something the lady will view as effort. Truly, isn’t elegant flattery the classic recipe for a lovely evening?

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