Tips for your first woman-woman experience

Bisexual or bi-curious: two words often associated with women who are sexually attracted to other women. But how do you figure out what type you are? Imagine making a man’s fantasy come true: booking a Couple Experience. And at the same time, being intimate with a woman during the whole evening. Does that make you bisexual? Not necessarily, that’s why it’s a fantasy! So, are you a straight woman and are you curious about an intimate experience with another woman? Then this blog is for you.

Being intimate with a man is familiar to you. A man often takes the lead, grabs you firmly, kisses you and caresses your body with his big hands. Men can often be a bit – let me put it nicely – clumsy. And no, I’m not generalizing all men, but in the context of this blog, there is definitely a difference. You know what a man expects and you know the spots that arouse him. You give him oral satisfaction, stimulation with your hands or a specific sex position that really excites him. Men love feeling and seeing a woman’s body. If your man finds it exciting seeing two women’s bodies and feeling them both, how do you make sure you get to enjoy that too?

As a straight woman, you get excited by the thought of having a woman joining you and your man. Having that woman touch your man, kissing him, satisfying him and him touching her. Where do you come into all of this? “Doing something with a woman” probably has crossed your mind a couple of times. If you book a high-class escort she will know what to do and take the lead.

How do you start and what is expected of you? How does intimacy work with another woman? These are all questions we understand you might have during (or in preparation of) an intimate experience. Let’s start with stating that women tend to be softer, often like other touches and take their time to slowly merge with one another. Women like it when you’re open and sincere. It starts with the mental connection. Give her compliments on how good she looks. Then softly touch her as if you were feeling a nice soft cloth. Tenderly and with your fingertips. If you want to kiss her, don’t just press your mouth to hers. First touch her face, caress her jaw and neck, and run your fingers through her hair and neck. Take your time, get to know a woman’s body as if you were reading Braille. Dot by dot and feel good, but all without pressure.

If you know your own body well, you can imagine the needs of another woman. Try not to think about the way you like to be touched. Explore it, let your hands glide over her body and notice what she likes. Take your time, don’t rush it. Let your fingers slowly glide between her legs. It will take some time getting used to touching a woman for the first time. You will feel like she is as excited as you are. Explore her intimate parts with your fingers slowly. Her hands will do the same with you. Don’t be too rough and watch out for long nails and sharp edges. Whether you’re doing it right? If the woman surrenders to you or you notice you’re getting a little less attention, then you’re on well on your way!

Do you want to go a step further and satisfy her orally? This can be exciting because you’re not sure what to do. How does she smell? How does she taste? Is she enjoying it? You can just start and explore yourself. A first good tip: take a shower with the lady. Play with the water and let the water flow down her body. After that, you can use your mouth and tongue. Water neutralises and gives you the time to get to know her vagina. Also, with this: play with your fingers, use toys and explore. Whatever it is you like, is often something other women like as well. If you don’t know for a moment what to do, let the other take over. It’s a game of exploring and enjoying together. Take your time, follow your feelings and don’t think too much.

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