The sky is the limit: New York

A High-Class escort always does regular work in addition to her work as an escort. It’s one of Pink Sheets’ principle. The reason is that it makes the lady not dependent on escort work and not making money the main reason for this work. Because let’s be honest: it does pay well. The life of a High-Class Escort develops quickly. She finds a new job, meets a partner or perhaps starts a family. That sometimes means there is no more room for adventures as a High-Class Escort.

This was also the case with this lady *Sas. She had been working for Pink Sheets for some time and had traveled throughout Europe. *Sas had already seen and discovered many beautiful places, but there was still one place she had on her bucket list: New York City.

A loyal regular client of hers also knew this. So, in the spring I received a message from this client saying he wanted to surprise my lady. He had to go to New York for a longer period of time for business reasons and he had the opportunity to take her too. He composed a lovely message and I forwarded it to her on her birthday during summer. It was his gift to her. A week in New York during fall in a luxurious 5-star hotel in down town New York City. She had to wait patiently, but she loved it and was looking forward to it.

This trip was extra special, because it was going to be her last adventure. And what could be better than ending this adventure in this metropolis? Fall was around the corner and the time had come. She flew premium business class to New York City together with her client. She was served to her every need and enjoyed all the attention and service. After an 8-hour journey, she landed at JFK Airport. A taxi was waiting to take her to the hotel. Once she arrived, the client took her to a beautiful restaurant on the water with a view of the New York skyline. They ate oysters and drank champagne together, it was beautiful. Even though it was fall, the sun was shining brightly.

Together they strolled through the shopping streets of NY and the lady was stunned by everything. It was an unreal feeling. On the days the client was working, she visited all the sights and had lunch at his expense at the most beautiful places. He took her to a great musical on Broadway and showed her the Plaza Hotel. And of course, a visit to Central Park could not be left out.

In the evening she put on her most beautiful dresses for him and he took her to the most idyllic and luxurious restaurants in NYC. To top it all off, on the last evening they took a cruise on the Hudson River. It was dark and the illuminated NYC Skyline was shining brightly. Just around Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty was looming majestically. Maybe a cliché and a treat for the average tourist, but the lady was a tourist at a high-class level. The other people on the boat were all dressed in neat formal clothing. Women were wearing long dresses and the men wore suits. There was live music and every table had its personal butler. The singer was singing Frank Sinatra’s classic “New York”. It sounds perfect, and it definitely was.

She had meaningful conversations with the client about life and they were able to touch on the right subjects that made them think about the future. I will spare you the details, but these types of conversations make a difference for clients. They put life in a different perspective or they are presented with a mirror that shows them how life can sometimes be simple, but sometimes even more than what they are experiencing now. These are the extra benefits you receive when booking a high-class escort. It makes it much more valuable than just the sexual and/or materialistic side of it.

The client spoiled my lady with all kinds of treats before she flew back home. Some beautiful souvenirs filled her suitcases. But the best part was her being so radiant… And that was very satisfying for the client. It was a magical journey that gave them both a lot.

She quit on a high note and now she can look back on an amazing time. But when I speak to her every now and then, and ask if she wants to do the escort work again, she answers: “Never say never.”

To conclude: “You can take the girl out of the escort, but you can’t take the escort out of the girl.”

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