The perfect atmosphere

“She parked her car along the road. It was a warm summer evening and in the glowing light of the setting sun was a nice little hotel. Her heart was pounding with anticipation as she admired the building’s imposing exterior. She got out of her car with a mysterious smile and her heels were softly tapping on the paving stones. The warm evening air embraced her as she climbed the grand staircases to the entrance past the flickering lanterns. The door swung open silently, inviting her inside. There was excitement in her eyes as she entered the grand hall. Once inside, she walked over the thick carpet through the corridors until she was facing the right room. She knew that this night of adventure and mystery would embrace her and she was determined to enjoy every moment of it. She straightened her blouse and knocked on the door…”

After reading this exciting intro you can feel the warmth and atmosphere. The lady is going to have an exciting evening. But now imagine that as soon as the lady enters the room, she is greeted by fluorescent lighting, a cold temperature and anything but a nice atmosphere. Well, then the excitement quickly evaporates.

It’s up to you to keep the magic going! Don’t know how? Here are some tips you can use.

Location, location and location

Booking a high-class escort is an exclusivity in itself. The location and the surroundings have to be as exclusive as the lady, because if something is bad or ugly, you can’t make it beautiful by changing one small detail. She is high-class and not second class. The lady and the surroundings must be attuned to each other. You have the option to invite a lady to your home, a hotel or other rented location. If you choose a hotel, it must be at least a 4- or 5-star hotel. It obviously still makes a difference whether you go to Van der Valk hotel or book a luxury boutique hotel such as ‘t Goude hooft in The Hague or a historic city hotel De Librije in Zwolle. There is a difference in the rooms. So, it’s better to book a luxury suite than a standard room. When booking a Van der Valk hotel, you often have to choose the luxury suites to reach a certain standard. While standard rooms in a luxury 5-star (city and boutique) hotels are already full of luxury.

The atmosphere has been carefully created in these hotels to provide a unique experience, whether it’s relaxation with sea views, being immersed in history and charm, or an avant-garde urban experience. A lady of this class deserves only the best.

Make sure to have the right lighting

If you’ve invited one of our beautiful ladies to your home or hotel room, we definitely advise you to have proper lighting in the room. After all, you don’t have to turn on all the lights immediately like being in a break room. Too little lighting is not good either, because you still have to be able to see the beautiful lady. The trick is to create a balance between light and dark, so you create a feeling that stimulates intimacy and creates a romantic setting.

You create the right light by using light subtly. Make it a warm atmosphere by turning on a few lights and dimming them until a subtle warm glow is created.

Don’t you have dimmable lights? Turn on a small light and use candles.

Candles always work well! Candles bring peace and create an inviting space. It also softens the dark parts of the room. Using scented candles can also make it smell nice. The lady will always try to create such a warm atmosphere that benefits your experience. But she will appreciate it greatly if you’ve already thought about all that.

Music completes the evening

When you’ve created the right lighting atmosphere, don’t blast hard rock or heavy metal from the speakers. This might be beautiful music to you, but that doesn’t apply to the lady. Keep it calm and basic. Put on a nice playlist with calm music. You can think of R&B or acoustic hits. Make sure the playlist is endless, or at least continues without stopping. Playing the same song four times by putting the list on repeat will disrupt the atmosphere. Music has the power to evoke different emotions and these can vary greatly depending on the genre, melody, harmonies and rhythms. So, make sure to invest some time in your playlist!

Snacks & drinks

A high-class lady appreciates a nice cold glass of her favourite drink upon arrival! Therefore, get to know the drink she likes in advance. All our unique pearls have their own preferences. Serve it with a spicy bite and you will make her happy. You can find her food preferences on her profile. Do you have other questions or can we assist you with anything? We are here to hear you out!

Do you have the right room, the perfect music set up, candles lit, drinks cold and are you ready to welcome the lady? In that case, I wish you nothing but an amazing time together. Enjoy her company!

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