The prostate massage: break the taboo

Most men clearly point out what they enjoy when having sex. At least, you would think that. Just notice when asking men about what they like in sex, they don’t get any further than saying they like receiving a ‘blowjob’ or trying out ‘doggystyle’. Some men may indicate that they would be excited to have a threesome or try anal sex (a-level). But that’s usually it…

Something men find exciting but rarely speak about is receiving anal penetration. Including getting a prostate massage. Often you hear men speaking: ‘It’s only an exit’ or ‘I am just straight’.

But deep inside is a desire… Because once they get excited, the desire for receiving full stimulation grows. Contrary to what the average man thinks, you don’t get full stimulation only through penetration or a hand-job or blowjob. As long as they don’t talk about it, they will never experience how great it is receiving a prostate massage.

To start: What is a prostate? What is a prostate and why would a man want to receive anal penetration? And also very important: Where is the prostate?

Every man has a prostate. It’s a gland about the side of a chestnut and makes sure sperm cells with fluids are ejaculated during an orgasm. The prostate is an important part of reproduction. It’s important to keep the prostate healthy. Suffering from conditions or illnesses, can lead to erection problems or even impotence. The prostate is therefore an important element in a man’s erogenous zone.

How do you keep the prostate healthy? Besides eating healthy food, exercising and not wearing too tight clothing, a prostate massage has also health benefits! The massage removes bacteria and harmful chemicals outwards.

Not only is it beneficial for your prostate, your sex life can benefit as well. By massaging the prostate, the blood flow to the penis and scrotum improves, which means you can get more intense and longer erections. So, besides the fact that receiving a prostate massage can be fun and exciting, it also has many benefits.

How does it work?

There are many ways massaging the prostate, it can be done both internally (direct) and externally (indirect). Do you want to start slow? Then it’s best to start at the outside massaging the prostate. Do this by lightly pressing the perineum. It’s the part between the scrotum and anus. Make a circular motion with your thumb and slide your fingers along the anus. Make sure the man lies on its back and is relaxed. At the same time, you can give him a hand-job or blowjob.

Is he excited now? Then you may go a step further by doing an internal prostate massage. If the man lets his legs fall out more and is relaxed, you will know he finds this arousing. At that moment, a little more pressure can be applied to the anus.

Pay attention! Make sure you use enough lubricant when doing an internal prostate massage.

Slowly put one finger inside and keep it lightly bend, in the direction of the underbelly. You may compare it with the G-spot massage (link: sex toys for women blog). After all, it’s called the P-spot for a reason, a sensitive and intense spot in men. When you have inserted your finger, you should feel a bumpy spot the size of a walnut or chestnut. You can gently massage this by rotating your finger or making a ‘come here’ movement. Do not make ‘penetration movements’, because this can sometimes be experienced as uncomfortable.

Are you convinced now and do want to go all the way? Then you can combine internal and external prostate massage with each other. Slowly increase the pressure between your thumb and index/middle finger and keep making a massaging motion. This results in twice as much intensity. Finish it off by satisfying the penis. By the way, the man can do this himself as well, so that the person giving the massage can use two hands. For the person massaging, it’s important to keep attention and be careful. Besides it being a sensitive subject to talk about, it’s also a sensitive spot.

In short, a prostate massage is nice, healthy, intense, and something of our time. Challenge yourself and explore. Once you have experienced this, you will want more. And if you don’t like it, just leave it. Nothing is mandatory! But now that you have tried it out, let’s agree on something. The next time you talk with your friends about sex, just admit you have been exploring. Trust me, this also helps your friends being more open and explore. We can break the taboo.

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