I have an erection problem. What to do?

Erection problems… this keeps being a difficult topic to talk about. Men prefer to avoid having this conversation. We understand that! Unfortunately, within society there are still a lot of taboos that don’t get much or none attention at all. You speak of erection problems whenever experiencing trouble getting or keeping an erection. Let’s be honest; every man has at least experienced once a while having trouble getting his penis fully erect or not keeping it erect for long. It really becomes annoying if it becomes a structural problem. What will you do then?

The psychological component

In order to solve this problem, it is important to understand the cause of the problem. It can be that the erection problem is caused by a psychological component. Think of performance anxiety, fatigue and stress, relationship issues or former unpleasant sexual experiences. These negative thoughts cause a spiral wherein insecurity takes over and prevents you from having an erection or keeping one. By being aware of these negative thoughts and by talking about it with a sexologist, you can break this negative spiral and enjoy having sex again.

The physical component

An unhealthy live style can also contribute to experiencing problems with getting an erection. Think about: smoking, overweight, too high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, excessive alcohol or drug use, and certain medication can contribute to erection problems. In this situation it is wise to consult with your doctor. Your doctor would be best to advise you and possibly refer you to a specialist.

Self confidence

Having an erectile dysfunction is really annoying for many men. Especially because most men consider this as failing and this gives extra pressure which makes the negative effect greater. Many men indicate that it diminishes their self confidence as their ‘failing’ continues to exist. This can lead to men avoiding sexual contact because of it. Tip! Talk about it with your partner or high class escort. By talking about it you will experience less pressure.


Some men have trouble getting or keeping an erection with the use of condoms. Sometimes they can loose their erection upon seeing the condom. Mostly, it is not because of the condom itself, but by the interruption of the sex or because the condom doesn’t go on quick enough.

Here some tips to make this all go more smoothly:

  • When at home, practice putting on the condom. It works best during masturbation. Try also to masturbate with a condom. In this way you train yourself keeping an erection with a condom.
  • Try to keep the pauses during sex as short as possible. Have the condom already out of its packaging, to have it ready for use. In this way you keep the pauses and thereby the interruption as short as possible.
  • Put on the condom only when you are fully erect.

Cock ring

Using a cock ring can be a good temporary solution for erection problems. Using it keeps the penis harder for a longer period. During an erection the cavernous bodies get filled with blood. Therefore, using a cock ring makes it harder for the blood to flow back.

  • Cock rings are bought in all sex shops. You can order them online if you prefer that. There are also adjustable models, that make the cock ring go on and off easier;
  • Don’t use the cock ring for longer than half an hour straight to prevent pinching the penis and testicles. After all, it has to remain fun!
  • If using the cock ring hurts your penis, it means this isn’t the right method for you and you should remove it immediately.

Erection pills

Most men are familiar with the blue pill, also known as Viagra or Kamagra. Always consult with your doctor first! This is to prevent any contraindications with your current medication or physical condition.

  • Erection pills are considered as medication.
  • Erection pills improve the blood flow of the penis and thereby making getting an erection easier.
  • Taking these pills don’t guarantee having an erection. You have to be sexually aroused first to make the penis hard and keeping it that way.
  • The internet offers a wide range of erection pills. But keep it safe! We advise to have this medication be prescribed by a doctor or sexologist. Because if you order these pills on the internet, you don’t know what extra chemicals are added and if they have side-effects.
  • Examples of approved and registered erection pills are: Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Uprima.

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