High-class escort bloopers

Life of a high-class escort is not always a bed of roses. Probably a big part of what you might think this life is about, is true, such as beautiful cars, expensive suites, fancy restaurants, and an adventure arranged to perfection for the both of you. However, sometimes a date does not go as planned. I am not talking about situations of violence, drugs or unwanted intimacy. Because our policy states that a date has to be safe and pleasant for the both of you. Every now and then things happen that stick with you. To give you an idea of some special experiences and to provide some fun, I will share a couple of them with you.

Losing the way

Usually when the lady arrives in the hotel, the client is in the room waiting. Often at that moment the hotel is busy and someone is present in the lobby. However, sometimes the lady stays longer until late in the night when there is nobody around at the time she’s leaving. This happened to one of the high-class escort ladies early in the morning when she left the hotel room. Some lifts in hotels only work with a room key. The lady accidentially pressed -1 instead of the ground floor. She ended up in the kitchen with the hotel staff and the chefs. They were quite amazed seeing a beautiful lady around that time in the kitchen. Well, try not to feel embarrassed at that moment. Luckily, chefs are gentlemen too, and they helped her find the staff entrance, so she could exit. All’s well that ends well.

The white ‘chocolate’

This lady in question loves chocolate, in particular white chocolate. It was very thoughtful when the client brought her some. The lady entered and saw the white chocolate bar. The lady thanked him for the thoughtful present. But when she thanked him, the client elaborately began stating the facts about white chocolate: ‘White chocolate doesn’t contain cacao powder and is therefore not good for you, in fact, it’s unhealthy even because it mainly contains sugar.  The white chocolate doesn’t contain polyphenols, those are the healthy antioxidants in chocolate. Actually, I had to buy you dark chocolate.’ This pedantic speech was quite unexpected and she was stunned by this while holding the bar in her hand. She quickly put the bar in her bag and changed the subject, just to keep it all friendly. Subtilty is sometimes hard to find.

The flashlight

This lady just had a pleasant date. The client took her to a fancy restaurant where they enjoyed a 5-course dinner. They had been chatting for four hours about the expectations, before they left for the hotel room to start the intimacies. The client was freshening up while the lady was lighting some candles and dimming the lights to then lay on the bed in her lingerie. Standing on the nightstand was an enormous Maclight (flashlight). When the client returned, she jokingly asked the client if he was going to break in some houses later with that flashlight. The client smiled and responded rather seriously that he was going to use that to ‘really get a closer look down there’. As a real mine worker, he was working that flashlight to give it all a closer look down there… Luckily, the lady was nice about it.

Something smells funny

All our ladies are dressed to perfection. They are well-instructed about what clothing, shoes and lingerie they have to wear. As soon as they leave, they always send a picture to Amy for the last checks. High-class is not a protected title, but it should be. Well, the lady in question was leaving to a regular client. Normally, they would meet up in hotels, but this time it was at his place. The lady looked wonderful and arrived on time at her destination. She parked the car, checked her lipstick, and texted Amy she had arrived. She stepped out the car and was stepping on to something… Surely, they weren’t flowers. Shit! Slightly panicking, she called Amy, cleaned out as much as possible, but it was time! And a lady of Pink Sheets is always on time. So, there was no other option than to ring the doorbell and tell the truth. The client in question was very thoughtful and he helped her clean her shoes outside.

Later when they were chatting and having a drink, they were laughing about it. They decided to prank Amy and text her that the date could only start one and a half hour later, because they were mopping the whole house… Luckily, she could have a laugh about it too.

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