International escort

With international escort we mean an escort who is also willing to travel around the world with you. An international escort can also come to your destination, as long as the country is noted as safe. Almost all high-class escort ladies who work for Pink Sheets are able to visit you abroad.

What to consider when booking an international escort

It’s important that when you book an international escort, the country where the international escort is expected to travel is safe. At the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can find an overview of which countries have received positive travel advice. The safety of the international escort is our highest priority.

You should take into account the fact that bookings for an international escort within Europe must last at least 8 to 12 hours. For an international escort outside Europe, a minimum booking duration of 24 to 48 hours applies. This has to do with the travel time of the international escort. Economy Class is sufficient for all flights of 8 hours or less for the international escort. Anything over 8 hours of flying for an international escort has to be with Business Class. You can read about the conditions on our website. Please contact us.

For more details about booking an international escort, we advise you to carefully read the relevant “International bookings” page. If you have any questions after reading, please feel free to contact us. Contact us by telephone, WhatsApp or email. All your questions will be handled with discretion.

How far in advance should I book an international escort?

We advise you to book an international escort well in advance. It’s also only possible if you are already a regular client of Pink Sheets to take an international escort with you on your trip. This has to do with the safety of the international escort. How this works is also stated on the website. Let us inform you and discover all the possibilities to make your stay, anywhere in the world, an unforgettable experience. Our high-class escorts can travel with you to, for example, Paris, London, New York, Madrid or Berlin.

Discover the ultimate Girlfriend Experience

During a date with one of our beautiful international escorts you will feel like being on a holiday with your girlfriend. Whether it’s having a nice dinner together, sleeping together, going on a culturally outing or being intimate together, she can make it happen. Would you like to know which high-class escort is the right one for you? Use the matchmaking service  and let us advise you. We know everything about our high-class escorts and we would gladly assist you in this search!

Do you have questions about payments or payment methods?

Take a look at our rates to know more about our payment options and the rates of our services.