High-class escort bloopers (part III)

Life of a high-class escort is not always a bed of roses. Probably a big part of what you might think this life is about, is true, such as beautiful cars, expensive suites, fancy restaurants, and an adventure arranged to perfection for the both of you. However, sometimes a date does not go as planned. I am not talking about situations of violence, drugs or unwanted intimacy. Because our policy states that a date has to be safe and pleasant for the both of you. Every now and then things happen that stick with you. To give you an idea of some special experiences and to provide some fun, I will share a couple of them with you.

The strict teacher

One of the high-class ladies was on her way to a date that didn’t have many ‘extra’ wishes. The man who picked the lady had everything prepared and planned out. A classic Girlfriend Experience (link) at his place. Upon the lady’s arrival, she immediately noticed that he made a good effort to create a nice atmosphere. Dimmed lights, the candles were lit, he had put on some nice music and he had a nice bottle of champagne on the table.

They were chatting away while drinking the good champagne and slowly made their way to the bedroom. The intimacy continued here naturally as well. Despite the fun they had together, there was an anxiety present in the man regarding his ‘performance’. Something that isn’t a big problem and often happens within men, but at that moment you have to improvise to end on a positive note. The lady asked if she could do something to help the man get in the mood again. Without any hesitation, the man asked her to stand in the corner of the room. Punishing her and putting her in the corner turned him on. Especially, because he knew she was a teacher. He wanted to be the strict teacher. The lady followed up his orders (despite her amazement) and went to the corner facing the wall. Not even a minute later the climax was reached. Well… everyone has their fantasies.

Tickets for the football game

This lady arrived at a hotel on a Saturday evening where she was going to meet a businessman who was travelling. They were supposed to meet at the bar. The lady stopped for a while at the entrance of the hotel bar, scanned the place and was looking for the man. White shirt, short brown hair, beard and blue trousers. She spotted him at the end of the bar and she walked towards him where they greeted each other formally. The man was a bit distant and amazed about her appearance. This isn’t unusual, because they were in a public space. You never know who sees you. Thought, high-class escorts are not intimate in public. Anyway, there was a white envelope on the bar. It was probably the payment for the date. The lady picked up the envelope and subtly put it in her bag. Meanwhile, the man was pleasantly chatting with the lady and asking her questions, and after a while he invited her to his hotel room. Once in the hotel room, the lady excused herself to go to the bathroom. She opened the envelope and there was no money in it. Instead, it had two tickets to a football game for the next day. She was staring at the tickets with surprise. Suddenly, she knew something was going on. That’s the reason why the man was distant and amazed. He didn’t expect her, because he hadn’t booked a high-class escort! The lady grabbed her phone and saw a message from the agency. Her date was waiting for her in his hotel room and asked where she was. The lady hurried back to the room, where the man already had poured in two glasses of champagne. Immediately she started to explain the situation and gave back the envelope with tickets. The man was astounded and quite disappointed. The lady put on her coat and grabbed her bag. She saw the disappointment on his face while leaving the room. She left a card of the agency and went to the right date. And the man? He contacted the agency to book a date with the lady that just left.

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